New double concerto for two trumpets & orchestra commissioned by BBC Radio 3, Malmö Symphony Orchestra & Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

A major piece of size and length are taking shape at the moment. The piece is written for trumpet soloists Håkan Hardenberger & Jeroen Berwaerts and is a co-commssion by Malmö Symphony Orchestra, BBC Radio 3 and Swedish Radio Orchestra. The premiere is programmed on March 14 2018 with Malmö SO conducted by John Storgårds at Malmö Live. The SRSO & BBC performances are to be announced later.

At the moment about 3/4 are written and I enjoy every minute of the process even though it’s struggle at times. It’s a fundamental thing in creating for me (struggle that is, and it has always been like that…). Since I became a father (having two sons at the moment) my writing has slowed down drastically. It’s perfectly fine actually – nowadays I have more balance in life after a quite stressed and demanding period (like 10-15 years…) Live up to your potential, work hard, etc…

My schedule the coming like two years ahead is quite balanced, eventhough I have a big task in front of me. Symphony No. 1 for Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. So I was told to write a symphony (you don’t have to call it a symphony, but you know what we mean… :) and I will do it and I will deliver BUT the big question is how to write a symphony that only I can be content with. I have my idols for sure and I have aims… Need to think things through a lot before I start.