Schattenspiel II

MalleusIncus (Johan Bridger & Patrick Raab), my good old friends since highschool, celebrated 20 years as a percussion duo (!) the other night in a massive concert at Palladium in Malmö. On the program was a new piece of mine called “Schattenspiel II” (Shadow Play) scored for marimba & marimba/vibraphone. It’s actually a smaller version of the second movement of my percussion concerto “Theatron” (also written for MI).

I will post a short clip from the performance later on.

A review (in Swedish) can be found here.

This week has been a real “percussion extravaganza” week for me, starting with the MI premiere of Schattenspiel + a reprise of “Stellar Horizons” at the Opera in Copenhagen yesterday where the percussion group from the opera made an awsome concert for a thrilled audience.