Sputnik for Symphony Orchestra & Trumpet premiered @ the inauguration of Malmö Live

My new piece “Sputnik” (companion, comrade) will be premiered by Malmö Symphony Orchestra & trumpeter Håkan Hardenberger (piccolo trumpet) conducted by Marc Soustrot at the inauguration of the new and beautiful concert hall at Malmö Live next week (August 28-29).

Really looking forward to it! A Håkan Hardenberger in great shape and with my home town orchestra ready to take on the challenge of a new hall.

A high, energetic tempo “Sputnik” stays in a simple structure like a ritornello/rondo. 4, almost 5 minutes of music. An encore, more or less. First half of the concert also features Marc Anthony Turnage’s trumpet concerto “From the Wreckage” as well as another premiere. One of my former composition teachers Rolf Martinsson’s new orchestral work “In i evigheten” with soprano Lisa Larsson.