THEATRON, new piece for two percussion soloists & orchestra finally done.

Written for the magnificent players and good old friends Johan Bridger & Patrick Raab that forms the percussion duo Malleus Incus and co-commissioned by Dresdner Philharmonie, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Gävle Symphony Orchestra & NorrlandsOperans Symphony Orchestra.

The premiere will take place in Dresden with the Dresdner Philharmonie, conducted by Michael Sanderling, on May 16 & 17. Following with performances at NorrlandsOperan (Johannes Gustavsson – cond.) August 27, Gävle on October 2 (Jaime Martín – cond.) and Helsingborg on November 5 (Stefan Solyom – cond.).

The double concert is scored for pitched percussion only, focusing on marimba and vibraphone. Theatron (meaning “seeing place”, but is more commonly known to us as the auditorium, meaning “hearing place”) is a kind of sequel to “Arena”, my first percussion concerto written for Johan Bridger in 2003/2004. Watch a short clip of Arena here. To learn more about Arena watch this “short documentary”.